Java / Jakarta EE Industry Training

Interactive Sessions Customised to Your Needs & Experience

Want to learn more about:

  • Jakarta EE Web Profile specifications
  • MicroProfile specifications
  • Kotlin and Ktor
  • Application security within Java Enterprise
  • Cryptography
  • etc …

There are hundreds to thousands of training opportunities in the Java EE / JakartaEE industry, but they typically offer predefined and fixed agendas that aren’t overly useful in the real world. Custom training from Atbash is different. We provide you with interactive training sessions on the topic of your choice, targeted at your experience level and unique needs.

Example training topics requested by other clients:

Creating JAX-RS endpoints with Jakarta EE

Introduction to the JAX-RS framework and all features to create REST endpoints.

Payara Server and Payara Micro Operations

In depth overview of how the Payara Server and Payara Micro installations can be managed and configured.

Creating JSF applications with Jakarta EE

Introduction to CDI, JPA, and JavaServer Faces framework to create server-side applications.

Jakarta EE Security Workshop

How to perform authentication and authorization within a Java Enterprise application using the Jakarta EE Security API and other frameworks like ScribeJava, Apache Shiro, and Nimbus Jose.

Introduction to the MicroProfile Specifications

A session that shows all the functionality of the MicroProfile specifications and how they can be beneficial in your environment

Cryptography for the Java Developer

Overview of the different cryptographic concepts for encryption and hashing. Various options to manipulate the different formats like PEM, JWK, KeyStore, etc …

What to Expect in Our Interactive Training Sessions

We’ll work with you to determine the best way to deliver the training and information. This is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all training experience!

Training materials commonly include:

  • Virtual training via Zoom ( 1-to-1 or in group)
  • In-person group sessions at your location
  • Video tutorials
  • User guides
  • On-site or virtual consultancy to find and fix errors in your implementation/project

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