Temporary Maven repositories


As mentioned in the introductory blog post, one of the main reasons for the creation of Atbash initiative was the ability to release maven artifacts to Maven Central.

However, this will take some time as the package naming should ideally match the group and artifact names.

So this renaming/re-branding will take some time and in the main time the current Nexus maven repository, hosted on OpenShift by the company, needs to be replaced.

Temporary relocation

So there will be a temporary solution for the removal of the Nexus server. It will include the JCenter and GitHub platforms.

This is the case for the JSF Renderer Extensions and the Octopus projects.

JCenter for final artifacts

The final artifacts are made available on JCenter and can be included from there into your project. Add the following snippet or equivalent to your maven pom file.


It contains the latest (amongst others) version of JSF Renderer extensions (0.4.1) and Octopus (0.9.7)

GitHub repository for snapshots

Since JCenter/Bintray doesn’t accept snapshots artifacts, they will be placed in a GitHub repository. With the following snippet, you can try out the work in progress for the projects.



The ultimate goal is maven central for all Atbash resources, but due to time restrictions there will be temporary repository locations for them.

Hello world!

Welcome to my Atbash initiative.

All my open source coding, blog writing, and tutorials will be centralised under the name Atbash. Topics will mainly cover Java EE, Web application security and (unit and integration) Testing. But other topics like the Eclipse MicroProfile effort, Self Contained Systems, best practices or Java FX can also appear here.
All the things I use in my daily work environment and which could be interesting for you can have a place here.

I have already 2 other blogs (http://jsfcorner.blogspot.be/ and http://javaeesquad.blogspot.be/) so why a third one? Well, based on the name, the topics which should appear on those blogs is rather limited. For the Web Application security topic, for example, there was no good place to write about it.
And since I needed a domain name, see next paragraph, I created this location.

Ownership of a domain name was one of the major factors why I started with this site. Until now, my open source code was written under the name be.rubus (combination of some of the letters of my name Rudy De Busscher) or be.c4j (the company I work for and who supports open source a lot).
But since I don’t own the domain names, I was unable to deploy the code to maven central.
Transferring the code under the name be.atbash will solve this problem.

Almost all my open source work is done in my spare time. That isn’t changing. So the migration of the code will take some time. But the idea is to write some blog content in a more or less regular fashion and keep working on the open source projects like the JSF Renderer Extensions and Octopus.

Maybe the last thing; why the name atbash? According to Wikipedia, it was the first security encoding algorithm. Although too simplistic to use in our modern time, the fact that you can achieve with simple things your goal appeals to me. Java EE makes my life also simple because it lets me concentrate on the business logic, not the technical integration.

Twitter handle @Atbash_EE, Github organization atbashEE.